What to Expect


  1. Professional, courteous, and dependable work.
  2. Mow, edge, line, trim and blow.
  3. Edging around driveways and walkways.
  4. Line trimming around fences, flower beds, trees, and other areas not accessible with mowers.
  5. We offer a Full Service Program which includes blowing, edging, mowing, weed eating, shrubs maintenance, flower bed maintenance, fertilization, and weed control. We only offer fertilization and weed control to our Full Service clients.
  6. If you need to make a Special Request for your services, please be sure to give us a 24hr notice in order for it to take an effect.
  7. Please notify us about any damages within 24hrs.
  8. Please be aware that our scheduling may fluctuate due to any weathering conditions like rain, etc.
  9. Cancel service 24hrs prior to next mow. No same day cancellations
  10. Supervisor if yard is not an average interior lot and there will be additional charge added to your mow if yard is a corner lot or larger than an average lot.
  11. Shrub trimming, weeding, and clean-ups are at extra charge by the hour. We can give Estimate for about how long the work would take.
  12. If not satisfied with services, please call within 24hrs and we will send crew back out same or next. If you do not call within 24hrs, then the work is considered satisfactory.  (We do not give refunds)

 We offer the following services


-Landscape Design

-Landscape Renovation

-Lawn Maintenance

-Trimming of Shrubs and Trees



-Installation of Shrubs, Trees, Flowers Etc.



-Stonework (Patios, Borders, Grills)

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Size of Lawn













Winter Work


Cancel Service


Rain Delays

Mow, edge, line  trim and blow.


Call 8am to 5pm CST (In Season) (Mon.-Fri.) to speak with a customer service representative.




Contact office for any damage claims within 24hrs. Read More....


Call for lot size or email us.


Call office within 24hrs of service.


Crews are careful to avoid pets escaping, but we do not assume responsibility. Please kennel up or leave inside if possible.


If locked, we need the combination number. Please no keys.


Full service clients only.


Call for estimate.


Call for estimate. Leaf removal, and mows. Call office in winter 9am to 2 pm, Mon.-Fri.


24hrs notice. No same day cancelations.


Special request, 24 hours notice. Read more....

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RMJ Landscapes, Inc.
PO Box 940144
Plano, Texas 75094